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Strive to build a well-off society and a beautiful, happy District—The Fifth Qingshanhu District People’s Congress of the CPC
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    “Join hands to build a great cause and write a new chapter.” The Fifth Qingshanhu District People’s Congress of the CPC attracting wide attention from party members and cadres and the masses was held in the conference center on August 27, 2016. LONG Henan, Member of the Municipal Standing Committee and Minister of the Publicity Department, and MIN Xiaoping, Head of the Eighth Site Steering Group of the Municipal General Election, attended the conference. On behalf of the Fourth CPC Committee of the Qingshanhu District, XIONG Yunlang gave a work report, themed on “Strive to build a well-off society and a beautiful, happy District”. WANG Qiang presided over the conference.

    Standing members of the Presidium of the conference, including XIONG Yunlang, WANG Qiang, HU Chongjing, CHEN Lan, ZHOU Renbin, ZHAN Hongwu, TAO Jianghua, YU Huiping, QIN Sanyou, LI Sanyou, LI Xiping and DUAN Hongxun, took their seats on the podium. Besides, executive chairmen and other members of the Presidium, such as HUANG Zhiping, ZHOU Aimin, WANG Jijun, LI Ting, WAN Xiangyang, WANG Yong, WANG Haibo, WU Xiaozhen, ZHAO Jin, YAO Jianhong, HUANG Shaohua and XIONG Chunhua, also sat on the podium. 293 out of 300 representatives appeared in the conference, and the number reached the quorum.

    On the conference, LONG Henan, on behalf of the Municipal CPC Committee, gave warm congratulations to the holding of the Fifth Qingshanhu District People’s Congress of the CPC, recognized the work of the Fourth CPC Committee of Qingshanhu District, and spoke highly of the achievements of Qingshanhu District in recent years. LONG Henan said, “Currently, Nanchang City is in an important period of transformation and environmentally-friendly development. We should revolve around the construction of ‘three civilizations’. While strengthening economic development, we should enhance the supporting role of the industrial civilization, the fundamental role of city civilization and the basic elements of ecological civilization. Besides, we should keep on building our comprehensive economic strength, enriching the connotation of our modernized city, improving people’s welfares and consolidating the Party’s construction.” LONG also emphasized that, “The Fifth Qingshanhu District People’s Congress of the CPC serves as a link between the past and the future. I hope all Party representatives of Qingshanhu District can seriously fulfil your obligations, correctly implement your democratic rights, actively deliver intentions of the Party, strictly adhere to the general election disciplines, and turn the conference into one uniting all forces and achieving a heartening victory.” The Municipal CPC Committee was convinced that, under the leadership of the new round of district committee leaders, Qingshanhu District can work down-to-earth, break the new ground and strive to usher in a new development pattern aiming at ‘seeking the commanding height, gathering the growth pole, improving the primacy ratio and jointly strengthening ideological leadership, safety, work implementation and organization cohesion’.

    At 9:00 a.m., WANG Qiang announced the opening of the Fifth Qingshanhu District People’s Congress of the CPC. All stood up along with the passionate national anthem of the PRC. Ten Party flags right above the podium surrounded the brilliant Party badge, making the whole conference room look solemn and heart-inspiring.

    Admist a warm applause, XIONG Yunlang made a work report themed on “Strive to build a well-off society and a beautiful, happy District”. The report was divided into three parts. First, he reviewed the past five years, and pointed out the necessity to firm up the mind to keep pushing ahead; second, he talked about how to embark on the journey of building a beautiful, happy Qingshanhu District based on a new foothold; third, he emphasized on enhancing and improving leadership of the Party so as to gather and motivate the positive energy to build a great cause.

    In XIONG’s report, achievements of Qingshanhu District in terms of various undertakings since the leadership of the Fourth CPC Committee were first reviewed. XIONG pointed out that, under the unwavering leadership of the Provincial CPC Committee and the Municipal CPC Committee, the District CPC Committee had united all Party members and masses in Qingshanhu District to boost business attraction, project construction, construction input, house expropriation and working style, thus ushering the district economic and social development into a new period over the past five years. Among these achievements, the most striking achievement was great improvement of the economic power; the most conspicuous change was a new look of the urban and rural areas; the most exciting progress was rapid development of social undertakings; the most vigorous support was integration of reform and innovation; and the most adamant guarantee was comprehensive strengthening of Party construction. In view of these achievements, XIONG summarized “five experiences”, that is, to give priority to development, to base on projects, to orient towards livelihood development and to focus on overall planning.

    Later, XIONG deeply analyzed the development situations of Qingshanhu District. He pointed out that, “Currently, Qingshanhu District is faced with a series of new problems and challenges, notably in terms of urban and rural development, industrial development and environmental protection. It is imperative for Qingshanhu District to innovate development concepts and paths and make breakthroughs for industrial development as well as for urban and rural transformation.”

    Based on judgment of the current situations, the report proposed a development guideline for the whole district during the coming five years. XIONG said, “The overall guideline for the whole district in the coming five years is to uphold the great banner of building socialism with Chinese characteristics, to act in accordance with Marxism-Leninism, MAO Zedong Thought, DENG Xiaoping Theory, ‘Three Represents’ Theory and the Scientific Outlook on Development, to deeply implement the spirit of a series of important speeches delivered by Secretary XI Jinping, to fulfil five development concepts in accordance with the strategic layout of “Four Comprehensives”, to fully put into practice the ‘sixteen-word’ guideline of the Provincial CPC Committee and the “twenty-word” general task of the Municipal CPC Committee, to stick to integrative development of ‘three civilizations’—industry, city and ecology, and the strategy of ‘focusing on the tertiary industry, improving the secondary industry, integrating industrial cities as well as urban and rural development, to persist in the development path of ‘large-scale expropriation, construction, business attraction and services’, to make an all-out effort in five years, and to strive to build a well-off society and a beautiful, happy Qingshanhu District.”

    Revolving around realization of the magnificent blueprint, this report also put forth major tasks for the coming five years, namely five aspects to stick to and five aspects to accelerate. To be specific, 1) Stick to innovation-driven development and accelerate industrial transformation: Grasp the important historical opportunities brought by the new round of technological revolution and industrial reform, consistently improve the industrial development level, lift another wave of innovative entrepreneurship, improve the development level of industrial parks, strengthen economic strength of villages and towns, create an engine for transformation; 2) Stick to coordinated development and accelerate overall urban-and-rural development: Promote overall urban-and-rural development, improve the urban construction and management level, accelerate the  in accordance with the basic concept of “one respect and five overall arrangements”, speed up transformation of shanties and put all out to build a modern metropolitan city featuring a beautiful environment, complete functions, harmonious civilization and suitability for living and working; 3) Stick to environmentally-friendly development and accelerate building a beautiful urban area—Vigorously promote construction of a “beautiful, happy District”, protect the ecology along development, restore ecology along treatment, beautify ecology along construction and make “beautiful” as an adjective for Qingshanhu District; 4) Stick to open development and accelerate sharing of reform achievements: Comprehensively integrate the regional development, vigorously improve tangible effects of business and investment attraction, efficiently reinvigorate systems and institutions and update the open economy; 5) Stick to common development and accelerate improvement of people’s livelihoods and welfares: Keep on optimizing the public service supply, accelerate development of social undertakings, improve the social governance capability, share development results with all the masses in Qingshanhu District, and jointly build a “happy urban area”.

    XIONG Yunliang emphasized that, “The Party and the people decide the make or mar of our great cause. It is necessary to establish the concept of ‘Party construction is the great achievement’, keep on enhancing construction of the District Standing Committee and build a leadership group working down-to-earth and practicing clean governance; strengthen the cadre and talent team construction and hone the backbone force for development of our great cause; intensity the grassroots organizational construction and set up an impregnable fortress against all development difficulties and challenges; reinforce the work style construction among Party members and promote efficient implementation of various undertakings; beef up the construction of the Party conduct and of an honest and clean government, gather and inspire the positive energy of building a great cause.”

    To conclude, XIONG expressed his hope that all representatives and colleagues could work closely under the leadership of the Party Central Committee with XI Jinping as the General Secretary, uphold the great banner of building socialism with Chinese characteristics, and strive to build a well-off society and a beautiful, happy Qingshanhu District with tremendous ambition, persistence and confidence under the correct leadership of the Municipal and Provincial CPC Committee.

    On the conference, the Qingshanhu District CPC Discipline Inspection Committee also gave a written report. All participants took a picture before the opening of the Fifth Qingshanhu District People’s Congress of the CPC. (Correspondent: ZHOU Rong)

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