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Qingshanhu District holds the concentrated signing ceremony of the “Nanchang Optics Valley” LED Industrial Business Invitation Project
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    On September 6, Qingshanhu District solemnly held the concentrated signing ceremony of the “Nanchang Optics Valley” LED Industrial Business Invitation Project. On the occasion, about ten sub-project contracts were clinched. Members of the Municipal Standing Committee and Deputy Mayors, including XIAO Yuwen, XIONG Yunlang and WANG Qiang attended the contract signing ceremony.
    In XIAO’s speech, ten LED industrial projects would be settled in Qingshanhu District. This was good news to economic development of Qingshanhu District, and something to be proud of. The ten enterprises are representative in the upstream, downstream and middlestream of LED industrial chain, and are fully in line with the positioning of “Nanchang Silicon”. They can inject new blood into the “Valley”. Xiao expressed heartfelt thanks and warm welcome to settlement of all enterprises, and congratulated achievements of Qingshanhu District achieved during its industrial development process. He hoped that all enterprises based here could give full play to their capital, technical and market advantages, and accelerate the start and completion of the project construction to achieve mutual benefits and prosperity. Qingshanhu District should also plan in-depth development of its industries in advance, keep on deepening its service awareness, attract more talents, and help enterprises grow both in strength and scale. Only in this way can the LED industry embrace more brilliant development prospects in Qingshanhu District.
    XIONG Yunlang said, in recent years, Qingshanhu District highlighted construction of major industrial parks and platforms and built the Nanchang LED Industrial Innovation Demonstration Park based on a high starting point and a high standard and in accordance with the “one-district, dual-engine and multiple-park” industrial layout. Along with the signing, settlement, construction and production of the ten sub-projects, the upstream and downstream links of the Qingshanhu District would be further improved, and the economic development and industrial transformation here would also be sped up. Qingshanhu District would make every effort to provide quality services for project construction and guarantee smooth progress of project construction. It was hoped that both sides could enhance communication, eliminate project obstacles, keep on accelerating project progress and industrial upgrade, and make greater contributions to building a more beautiful Qingshanhu District where people live a happier life.
    DONG Xinli, General Manager of Guangdong Ruilu Photoelectricity Technology Co., Ltd., and LIAN Xi, President of YS Group, delivered a speech as representatives of merchants attending the contract-signing ceremony.
    The concentrated contract signing included ten sub-projects. They were Ailite Photoelectricity Nanchang LED Packaging Production Line Project, the Shengyue LED Holder Production Project, the Sino-Korea Joint Venture CSP Project, the Hui’en LED Electronic Packaging Project, the China Fir Science and Technology Electronic Anti-Static Equipment and Anti-Static Plastic Uptake Project, and so on. Among them, nine belonged to the second industries and one belonged to the tertiary industry. The total investment totaled at around 2.245 billion RMB.
Before the contract signing, XIAO Yuwen communicated with entrepreneurs participating in the ceremony. (By QIU Rui)

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